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◆What is Research student?

Those who wish to study a specific subject of research at either undergraduate or graduate level may be admitted as a research student (Kenkyusei). A research student is not entitled to a Degree even upon completion of his/her research work. At Japanese universities, many applicants get admission as a research student first and prepare for an entrance examination to the graduate school.


  • ◆Application Procedures
  • A student wishing to study as a research student, must submit the following documents to the faculty, after having been approved for admission by an prospective academic advisor usually, one of the professors whose academic research area completely or partially covers your academic interest. My research field is social studies education, mainly citizenship education and cultural studies. I could organize the research work about these field only.

  • The deadline for application may differ according to the faculty, school, graduate school or educational and research institute. For details, please ask the relevant faculty or department office.
    It is necessary to complete the admission procedures well in advance, about 6 months before the starting day at Gifu University, because processing for entry into Japan requires a considerable amount of time.

  • ◆Documents Required

    (1) Personal History 
    (2) Certified academic records of each academic year of the last university/college attended
    (3) Diploma or degree certificate of the last university/college attended
    (4) Research plan in one year (JAPANESE LANGUAGE ONLY)

  • ◆Selection

    For details about the method of selection, please contact the relevant faculty or department office.

    ◆Time of Admission

    Time of admission for research students is normally the beginning of each academic year or semester, that is in April and October.

    ◆Period of Registration

    A research student is basically admitted for the period from six months to one year (one or two semesters). The student may apply for an extension if it is necessary for the purpose of his/her study.

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